Everythings changes, except that it doesn’t

You may have noticed this. Microsoft launched a new product this week. Well, launched is a strong word, they announced it. They call it.. The Surface!

What is it? Well, it’s a cool looking family of tablets designed for Windows 8. And I have to say: they look stunning and I can’t wait to have one.

There’s just one thing.. The name..Where have I heard that before? Why, indeed! Yes, it is also the name of a new paradigm in computing: Surface Computing. You may have read something about that, here on this blog for instance.

Well, in order to prevent confusion they have decided to rename Surface to Pixelsense. You know, the technology that drives the ‘camera’ inside the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface….

So now, when we talk about Surface, we mean the new tablet. When we talk about Pixelsense we mean that big table…

So there you have it… Welcome PixelSense!

For more info see http://www.surface.com for the tablet and http://www.pixelsense.com for Pixelsense.

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