MVP Summit 2013, part I

For those of my readers who are not a Microsoft MVP: this post (first in a serie) is not for you.

In February 2013 Microsoft will once again its annual MVP Summit. A gathering in Bellevue and Redmond, a place for MVP's to meet up with each other, the product teams, the people behind the MVP program and others in one way or another connected to Microsoft. If you are an MVP and you have the chance to go, you definitely should. For me personally, the yearly summit is one of the highlights of my professional year.

I was honored to have received the Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP award. This is a very, very small group of less than 10 people (compared with for instance the C# Awardees group who are with more than 300). Since each product group has the responsibility to host their own MVP's it can be hard for smaller groups such as the one I belong to to have dedicated content. The MVP Award group has made that very clear: on the Summit site you can find all the details about which groups have dedicated content, which have some dedicated content and which have none at all. My group has none. But that doesn't mean it would be pointless for me to go: I am "allowed" to visit sessions from my old group (C#) and attend those meetings. And of course: I still have the chance to meet up with my fellow hi-dad MVP's, the teammembers from Microsoft and other people I know in that area.

The sessions are usually under Non Disclosure Agreement. They do guard this pretty well: although I have signed my NDA I am not allowed to walk into a, let's say, Windows vNext session. I wouldn't even know where such a session would be. I have to stay close to the product groups I am allowed to visit. Of course, chances are pretty big they will tell me stuff I cannot repeat outside the sessions room: what happens in Redmond, stays in Redmond!

Is it worth it? Well, even though there is no dedicated content for my expertise I am still very much looking forward to the summit. I get to meet with my peers, I can attend highly secret NDA sessions about technology that is close to my heart and I can see and hear at first-hand what we can expect in my field the coming year. Am I going? You bet I am!

Next time I will give you some pointers about some things you need to know before the summit.

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